Thinking about diversifying the traditional meal voucher and increasing employee satisfaction, Indico Innovation developed Alymente, a flexible benefits card where the employee can choose where and how to use their credit in a completely personalized way.

As an extension of this idea, Aly+ was born, which, through extensive market research, found ways to improve bonus processes by creating a card that simplifies the implementation of performance appreciation programs, resulting in greater team satisfaction. With Aly+, partners and employees benefit from physical and digital rewards, exclusive advantages and discounts, as well as the ability to use the card for corporate expenses, all at their fingertips.

With an intuitive and innovative technology, our platform offers companies a revolutionary approach to motivate and incentivize their employees through a flexible and dynamic card. Managers have the ability to define specific categories where benefits can be used, such as health and well-being, entertainment, food, and transportation, along with the amounts allocated to each. The proposition is for employees to enjoy personalized awards and rewards according to their preferences.

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Startup Process

We work as a facilitator between startups and investors, corporate partners and other key players in the innovation ecosystem.
In the Ideation phase, entrepreneurs explore and develop their initial business ideas. They identify market opportunities, define their target audience and begin to outline the basic concept of their startup

At this stage, Indico Innovation provides resources and support to help entrepreneurs transform their ideas into viable business models, encouraging creativity and innovation.

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During the Validation phase, entrepreneurs test their ideas on the market to ensure their viability and acceptance by customers. They collect feedback, conduct market research, and validate their initial hypotheses.

Indico Innovation offers guidance and assistance to help entrepreneurs understand test results and adjust their strategies as needed to increase their chances of success.

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In the Traction phase, startups begin to gain momentum, acquiring their first customers and demonstrating significant growth. They refine their products or services based on customer feedback and develop marketing and sales strategies to expand their customer base.

 Indico Innovation provides mentoring, access to networks, and additional resources to help startups increase their market traction and prepare to scale.

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During the Consolidation phase, startups solidify their position in the market, optimizing their operations and strengthening their customer base. They focus on operational efficiency, building a solid team, and creating strategic partnerships to sustain long-term growth.

Indico Innovation provides ongoing support, strategic guidance and access to additional resources to help startups build on their success and prepare for the next phase of growth.

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In the Scale phase, startups are ready to expand their operations and achieve exponential growth. They explore new markets, launch new products or services and seek investment opportunities to finance their growth.

Indico Innovation plays a key role in connecting startups with investors, corporate partners and other resources that can help them scale successfully and reach their full potential.

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